Canines for the Cure
​Texas Agility Shoot-Out

The 6th Annual Texas Agility Shoot-Out was held on August 20-21, 2016, at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth, TX. Thank you to all of those who supported this wonderful cause through sponsorships, event entries, raffle ticket purchases, raffle item donations, volunteering your time, and giving flat donations. Because of your generosity, we raised $31,294 for canine cancer research!! Way to go!

If you are interested in competition results, the links are below. Congratulations to all the winners...whether it was an actual win or a personal victory!!



Cowboys and Indians.pdf

Jumpin' Judge Roy Bean 1.pdf

Jumpin' Judge Roy Bean 2.pdf

Jumpin' Judge Roy Bean 3.pdf

Long Arm of the Law 1.pdf

Long Arm of the Law 2.pdf

Pony Express.pdf

Run for the Border 1.pdf

Run for the Border 2.pdf

Run for the Border 3.pdf