Ranger was the light of my life. He came home on December 27, 1999, as a 7-week old little ball of white fur, and was my constant companion. Ranger was not a very confident dog, and we formed a very strong bond as we went through various training to try to build that confidence. When he started agility training at the age of 6, he started to blossom, and when he overcame his fear of the tunnel and weaves, I was so proud of him...and he seemed pretty proud of himself, too!

Agility for Ranger was all about confidence building, and I knew he was never going to obtain a MACH. We did start trialing, though, about a year after he started training. At first stress zoomies were the hallmark of his runs, but we worked through it, and he started Qing. I was so proud when he actually Qd with a very confident run at the huge Reliant Dog Show in Houston in July 2008! 

Three months later, though, he was diagnosed with mast cell cancer on his face, and three months after that, the cancer metastasized  to local lymph nodes. Though he would never win any lofty titles, he was always a champion in my eyes. Then, on July 20, 2009, I said goodbye to this beautiful boy who had so enriched my life, and I promised myself and him that something good would come from his death...and the Texas Agility Shoot-Out was born. Our first event was 11 months to the day from his death, and the rest is history. 

Christi Farley

Founder, Texas Agility Shoot-Out

Canines for the Cure
​Texas Agility Shoot-Out